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Adorable, stylish fashion for the littles of the world.

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Launched in 2017 as an exclusive, small, home-based shop on Etsy for moms and parents to find adorable, stylish kids clothing, accessories and outfit ideas for any occasion of the year. NAMS has quickly grown into a popular brand of stylish kids clothing and accessories. If you love kids fashion and fashion tips then this is the right place for you.

Be the first to style your little ones in the trendiest pieces for kids. Also get dibs on the most exclusive items only found in our handmade shop >> NAMSHandmade.

Check out my awesome “outfit ideas for kids” posts which contain a ton of inspiration and ideas on how to style your little ones for holidays/events and where to find these items. Depending on where we are in the calendar year, you can start with next upcoming holiday/event that you celebrate. If it’s not there, be on the lookout because it’s on the way.

With years of sewing experience, tons of creative juices and the biggest “passion for style and fashion” there is always something new and something for everyone here at NAMS.

Navie & Me came about when I got the news that I was pregnant with my second child. Of course at the time it was a different name and I knew I wanted to do something with kids’ fashion but there wasn’t really a focus. We’ve all been there before. However, soon after birthing my second child, I immediately began brainstorming ideas. I started my website and Etsy around the same time. Since Etsy was where majority of my sales came from, I hung around and put my website on the back burner. Managing two stores, a newborn and a toddler is a lot to handle at one time. And we’re not going to even discuss the lack of self-care I was receiving.

Eventually I outgrew Etsy being that it’s strictly handmade items. My focus completely shifted to navieandme.com. I decided to take a leap of faith and step out of my comfort zone to launch a full fledge, online kids clothing boutique. Here I source the most adorable, high quality, stylish, kid-friendly produced clothing and accessories. I even brought my handmade shop with me.

Whether it’s stylish factory-produced kids clothing, handmade kids clothing or custom kids clothing; here at NAMS there is something for everyone.