What Is A Pre-Poo? And Why It’s Vital For Healthy Hair.

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Let’s talk all things pre-poo!

Today we are going to talk about a well over-looked step when it comes to little girls natural hair care routines. Pre-pooing. For some of you, this may be your first time hearing the term. For others, the term is not so new. If you are unfamiliar with “pre-poo” don’t feel bad. I too didn’t find out what a pre-poo was until recently. When I finally started to take my daughter (Navie) and I’s natural hair care seriously. Continue reading to learn more about What Is A Pre-Poo? And Why It’s Vital For Healthy Hair.

What is A Pre-Poo?

A pre-poo is exactly what it sounds like. A shampoo before your “actual” shampoo. Hence the term “pre”-poo”. Only exception is that a pre-poo is done with either conditioner or natural oils (pre-poo recipes that can be made at home). I personally love the at-home, DIY pre-poos because I can make just enough for each time. Then I don’t have to store anything for later use.

What is the purpose of a pre-poo?

A pre-poo is done to moisturize and protect your natural hair from some of the stripping chemicals found in shampoos.

Some of the great advantages of pre-pooing for kids are:

  • Easier detangling:
    • With moisture and “slip” from the conditioner and/or oils, detangling your little ones locs, curls, kinks and coils will be much less of a hassle.
  • Moisture retention
  • Stronger strands:
    • When your hair is moisturized correctly, you have stronger strands. Moisturized strands are also less easy to break (or shed) during the styling process. Which in turn creates stronger strands of hair.
  • Longer lasting styles:
    • In my experience, my daughter and I’s hair styles last longer when we pre-poo our hair. However, proper routines such as using silk scarfs and bonnets at night play an important role in the longevity of each hair style. Kids bonnets are perfect for this very reason.

I hope this post makes you more confident with pre-pooing your kids hair. If you are an avid “pre-pooer” as myself then you know the benefits out weight the disadvantages (if there are even any).

Do you pre-poo? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on pre-pooing. Also don’t forget to check out our post on How To Pre-Poo Kids Hair and 3 DIY Pre-Poo Recipes.

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