10 Fall Activities For Kids To Do

Fall is the perfect season to get outside with the kids and make memories that last a lifetime. Check out these 10 Fall Activities For Kids To Do this Fall.

10 Fall Activities For Kids To Do

1. Go on a color walk.
There is no surprise that a color walk is the first activity on the list of Fall activities for kids to do. Fall is the season of change. You will find many colors outside in Fall.

A great tip is to look for colors that are just starting to show (like brownish leaves) or colors that are barely there anymore.

Take a camera and snap photos for later discussions.

2. Go on a Scavenger Hunt.
A scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun (don’t mind the inner kid in me). A scavenger hunt based off Fall themed items is a great place to start.

Then once the hunt is over, discussing the items found teaches kids more about the changes of the seasons.

3. Leaf sculptures.
Okay, anything dealing with leaves in Fall is good, right? RIGHT! Instead of raking the leaves into a bag, try making leaf removal fun.

Kids can make words, numbers and symbols with the leaves in the yard.

Bonus Tip 1: Be sure to use gloves suitable for yard work to prevent any accidents.
Bonus Tip 2: Take a picture of the leaf work and save if for later memories.

4. Pumpkin Carving.
Carving pumpkins is a great way to keep kids occupied during the Fall. To make things more interesting, have some friends over to have a pumpkin carving party.

5. Obstacle course.
An obstacle course can be pretty interesting to do with kids. To make things more fun, plan the course with the kids and be sure to add Fall themed obstacles such as “which team can put the most leaves in a bag.

Ha, great way to get some yard work done.

6. Take a hayride.

7. Visit an Apple Orchard
This could be a fun family tradition. Have fun while picking apples. Visiting an apple orchard can also be educating on where apples come from.

8. Attend the Fair, Carnivals and Parades
These activities are super fun and memorable. Budget your trip before you go and you are sure to have the most fun at the fair, carnival and/or parade.

9. Decorate Pine Cones.
Decorating pine cones allows the creative juices to flow. Once the pine cones are done, they can be used around the house as part of the Fall decorations.

10. Classic movies.
There is nothing like reminiscing on watching the classic cartoons and movies aired during the Fall season. Sometimes you just need to sit back and relax a little while.

Use these 10 Fall Activities For Kids To Do when planning your Fall bucket list this year.

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