Top 10 Winter Essentials For Kids Wardrobes

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Winter is the last season of the current year. This usually means that crossing over clothes from two seasons ago is just not going to work. Before you go shopping for kids winter clothes, make sure you have these Top 10 Winter Essentials For Kids on your list.

1. Beanies/ Hoods

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One of the most important things kids could have in winter weather is a beanie/hood to cover their heads from harsh weather. There are tons of beanies to choose from. So finding a beanie or hood shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Gloves/ Mittens

10 winter wardrobe essentials for kids boy in gloves.

Gloves are super important for kids to have during winter. And from my experience, having an extra pair of kid gloves is always a great choice.

3. Scarf

The next winter essential for kids would be to have a nice thick scarf. Covering up the body from harsh weather is an important step to keep your kids up and running this winter.

4. Boots

Depending on where you are located, rain boots are a must for the winter season. If you’re in an area where rain isn’t much of a problem, a nice pair of sturdy ankle or calf boots would do the trick.

5. A Coat

10 winter wardrobe essentials photo of infant in coat.
A winter coat is always a nice essential to have during this rainy, windy season of the year.

6. Hoodie

10 winter wardrobe essentials for kids pint. kid in a hoodie
For those of you that have super harsh winters, it wouldn’t hurt to send your kid out in a warm hoodie plus the winter coat. As the day goes on and the weather warms, the hoodie is great to wear.

7. Ear mugs.

The one thing on our bodies that get super cold are our ears. Be sure to grab a nice warm pair of fleece or fur ear mugs for your kids this winter.

8. Leg warmers.

Leg warmers are especially great for babies and younger school-aged kids. Leg warmers provide extra warmth to the legs that jeans or pants alone can’t provide.

9. Tights

10 winter wardrobe essentials for kids pint girls tights
Tights are a MUST HAVE winter essential for little girls. Tights are available in fabrics such as wool and nylon blends which are ideal for winter.

There are also many different prints and color of girls tights to choose from.

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10. Thermals.

A pair of thermals are good to have in your kids’ wardrobe for winter. Thermals provide that extra layer of warmth for kids during the coldest season of the year.

Use these Top 10 Winter Essentials For Kids as a guide when you go shopping for your kids new wardrobe. Also, leave a comment with your thoughts and any winter essentials tips you have.

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